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Racing Driver Stuck In Gravel Trap For 4 Days Claims To Be In Beach Resort

DAYTONA BEACH - Eugene Wallace, a racing driver who has been stuck in a gravel trap for the past four days, is trying to claim that he’s simply enjoying some leisure time at a beach resort.

“I’m just chilling here, taking a break from work and family wearing my new Not Famous shirt”, said Wallace, who thought it wasn’t necessary to bring a toe hook because he simply assumed this would never happen to him. “What do you mean, stuck? No, of course not, do you really think I could be stuck here for days? That’s ridiculous”, added Wallace while sitting on his towel as if he had just gone back from a swim, and who has been described by witnesses as looking “cold, hungry and desperate.”

“Usually when this happens to someone, they just build a sand castle or something and give up after a couple of hours, but this man is absolutely committed to his insanity”, said a fellow driver.

Deciding to stick to his story and go even further, Wallace recently even claimed that he was “living the digital nomad lifestyle” even though he didn’t even have a laptop on him.