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Calling all underdogs.

The overlooked. 

The underrated. 

Those who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Who 'hunt the shunt'. 

You’re not fond of rules and have no respect for the status quo. They can dislike you, glorify, or vilify you. The only thing they can’t do is ignore you. Because you relentlessly push the sport forward.

And while many don’t understand you, we see greatness. Because the drivers who are crazy enough to think they can achieve greatness, are the ones who do.

We exist to recklessly empower every underdog* in motorsports.
*if you have a heartbeat, you’re an underdog


"I see 'hunt the shunt' all over your page. What does it mean?"

The nickname for James Hunt, “Hunt The Shunt” epitomized the win-or-die trying attitude in racing. He always pushed the limits, often resulting in spectacular crashes. Yet, Hunt's relentless zest for life extended beyond the track, where he indulged in all its pleasures. Despite his wild ways, Hunt's legacy as a larger-than-life figure in motorsport endures.


Legend has it that one of Nostradamus’ prophecies predicted his existence and his birth certificate is an apology letter from NASCAR.

All we know is he is a mysterious and enigmatic figure who has become a symbol of the automotive community to defend the purity of the driving spirit for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

He is everyone.
He is no one.