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Racing Driver Credits Ayrton Senna For Finishing P14 At Amusement Park

GATLINBURG, TN — Pointing up at the sky as he crossed the finish line, local racing driver, Josh, credited Ayrton Senna for inspiring him to finish a career-high P14 at his local amusement park go kart track Thursday night.

“Senna’s dedication taught me that amazing things happen when you just get out there and drive for the love of the sport,” said the 28-year-old account executive, who DNF'd in the last race.

“There were times after my seventh or eighth crash when I thought I should just give up, but then I remembered that Senna said, ‘Enjoy the road, especially when it’s a hard one.’ For real, though, I never would have finished tonight if weren’t for Senna - his drive convinced me to strap-in despite leaving my racing shirt at home.”

At press time, Josh expressed concern that he’d suffered a career-ending injury after sleeping weird.